The Virtual Fundraising Monitor 2021

A year ago, with the country in and out of lockdown, events cancelled, enforced home working, and the pandemic putting charity budgets under pressure, the mass participation fundraising world had been turned on its head. Physical mass participation events were forced to pivot quickly, new virtual fundraising events were created and existing digital challenges adapted […]


What motivates runners? What gets them to put their trainers on and head out the door on dark, wet, winter days? As an agency working with brands, charities and rights holders, we wanted to better understand this motivation and discover what drives runners to enter mass participation running events. Working in partnership with, we surveyed […]

How to deliver a successful mass participation fundraising event

How to deliver a successful mass participation event?

To celebrate five years of the massive top 25 we wanted to share our insight as the sector leaders in mass participation, to highlight key lessons on how to deliver a successful mass participation fundraising event. Since the massive Top 25 began in 2013, 28.7 million people have participated in the events, raising nearly £700m. […]

What we’ve learned about mass participation events in 2021

Last week we published the Massive Top 25, our latest report on mass participation fundraising events in 2021. Not surprising, 2021 was a much more positive year than 2020 with income from the Top 25 mass participation events increasing by 60%. With the ease in Covid restrictions across the country, some physical events returned in […]

sports fundraising market snapshot 2019

We have been looking at the market for mass participation sports events and the fundraising performance of the biggest sports events in it for over 5 years. In that time we have worked with a cohort of some of the UK’s most ambitious and fundraising charities and our data partner “” to develop what we […]

The Top International mass participation events

As a team we have been researching new peer to peer fundraising events for more than 5 years, speaking to the charities and event managers behind the most successful mass participation fundraising events in the UK. Understanding what lies behind great events and hearing first hand about the biggest innovations in the sector allows us […]

what trends will shape the future of events and charities?

The future of events, the future of charity and trends affecting both are something we think about a lot. So when we were asked to collaborate on a report to review the effect trends in consumer behaviour, charity giving and technology could have on charities and what that may mean for those looking to engage […]

What influences fundraising at sports events?

Claire in the team looks at…why some charity’s fundraisers raise more than others at sports events? Last year we undertook research into fundraising at the UK’s biggest and most successful mass participation sports events. Our Report, The Sports Fundraising Snapshot, drew on data from over 20 million individual event participants to highlight that the events market […]